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5-Day Core Workshop

Hi everyone!!

Some of you know that we had actually started the workshop... then I got sick and lost my voice. A slight bummer. However, this is the awesome side of getting sick - I got to redo the workshop and had the time to write it out for you BEFORE we begin!! This was actually the original plan, but then I couldn't find the time to sit down and do it right.

The workshop will appear on Instagram Live and Zoom. The Zoom of course is for you guys, the Bodyholics, so that I can see you and we can interact. Day 1 will happen... again and it will be Sunday, June 21st, as you can see here. So let's get to the breakdown...

Day 1: The Core Basics

The core muscles are our stabilizers for everythings we do - every single move. We often focus on our 6-pack as the result we want... However, the abs are only one small part of it, and the 6-pack... even smaller. Simply put: crunching and pulse crunches DO NOT cut it and they won't even make you cut.

Core conditioning is the basis of all strength training and should be solid before levelling up. It improves posture, reduces various joint and muscular pains, lessnes the risk of injuries that backtrack our efforts to workout, get fit and smash our workouts. So, what are the core muscles? pelvic floor muscles, transverses abdominis, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae and the diaphragm. Let's not forget latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus, medius and trapezius. Pretty much anything that is connected to the spine. As a start we get down to 8 very basic and VERY important exercises:

  1. Abdominal crunch against wall

  2. Bridge

  3. SL abdominal press

  4. DL abdominal press

  5. Quadruped

  6. Modified plank

  7. Side Plank

  8. Superwo/man

Day 2: The Core Basics Built

We build on everything we did yesterday. The result will be that we focus on the rectus abdominis, which might make your heart sing because that is the 6-pack... I know you all to well!

  1. Abdominal crunch - with and without wall

  2. Bridge - DL and SL

  3. SL abdominal press and variations

  4. DL abdominal press and variations

  5. Quadruped into bird dog and variations

  6. Plank

  7. Side Plank

  8. Superwo/man

Day 3: Mindfulness Strength Flow - I am not going to delve into this here... just join, I promise it WILL be worth it :)

Day 4: Deep Core

The core ia divided into the stabilizers and movers. Let's focus on the movers: · Rectus abdominis · External obliques · Erector spinae · Latissimus dorsi · Hamstrings · Hip adductors · Hip abductors

We are going to move these movers today!!

Day 5: How to get Your 6-Pack

The truth.

(queue in the dramatic music... da da daaaa...)

There it is!

Can't wait until SUNDAYYYYYYYY! xoxo, Di

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