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What is The Mindfulness Strength Flow?

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Hi you! I'm finally taking the time to sit down and write out the answer to a question I am asked quite often – "what is Mindfulness Strength Flow? So, here is the full explanation about my workout baby…

I am deeply in love with yoga, but I am not a yoga teacher, in fact it is one the only "fitness" categories in which I refuse to get certified because I love attending classes taught by the people I admire, I love experiencing yoga as a student and it is that one hobby that I would like to keep as a hobby, rather than a profession.

Many of you already know, that I am amid researching and writing my MPH thesis on well-being, and Mindfulness is certainly a central issue for enhancing our mental and physical health. Between, my research and my profession (being your coach 😉) and my love of yoga, about 2-years ago I found myself working out, in my living room as per usual, in a flowing routine that I would begin and end in meditation.

Mindfulness Strength Flow (MSF) is not so much the stretches and the holds, we experience in yoga. It is not the 'sitting still' meditation. However, it does contain both, AND many aspects of my Pilates values AND, overall, it is total-body-badass strength workout.

MSF allows for our muscles to build through the calisthenics, our strength endurance to expand because of the flow with no major breaks, for our minds to workout because that's what Mindfulness and meditation does. All this while cultivating loving-kindness, self-compassion, being present and SWEATING.



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