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Week of August 10th - Prep Week

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was relaxing!

As we prep for the upcoming challenge (aaaaahhhhhhh), I want to make very clear how important it is to do something relaxing at least once a day, especially during these interesting times of uncertainty. Even if it is for a total of 60 seconds. If I have a go-go-go day, or if I am just plain stressed, I will often take a moment and count the length of my in-breath and then my out-breath.

Also, I really feel that during stressful times, we need to cut ourselves some slack regarding our weight, food and workout because it can often backfire as it might just lead to more stress. The consequence would be upping our stress hormone, such as cortisol, levels and so our blood sugar goes up... which is fine... but what if we are not actually doing anything physical? and, what if the body is in a constant state of stress (while seated in front of the computer)? The last thing we need now is to freak out over food, scale, body image, workouts... right? Let's try to enjoy the next few workouts and take them easy before the upcoming challenge that begins August 14th. (1)

Yes! I am inviting you to really listen to your body and maybe just Flow this week, or maybe just work on your core? Or, maybe your like me and HIIT workouts are super relaxing for you - in which case, go for it!

So, I invite you to freestyle August 10th and make it one of the following:

Whatever exercise you enjoy most. Maybe go hiking, swimming, maybe go jogging, dancing... or maybe do a Mindfulness Strength Flow, or a Daily (#46)?

If you do choose to go for Daily #46 (if you haven't done it already), here is the breakdown for you:


Daily #46 - Total Body

Timer on 60-10

  1. 10 high knees 5 double butt kicks

  2. 10 sit ups 5 crunches

  3. 10 roll to stand 5 vertical leap

  4. 10 pushups 5 flying pushups

  5. 10 bicycles 5 toe touches



Daily #47 - Total Body

Timer on Tabata Mode

Tabata #1:

  1. Burpees

  2. Sumo sprawl

Tabata #2:

  1. Rocking boat

  2. Chest lift leg drop

Tabata #3:

  1. Squat jump

  2. Bicycle scissors

Tabata #4:

  1. Sumo jump

  2. Roll over


Mindfulness Strength Flow #22


Daily #48 - Cardio and Core

Timer on Tabata Mode

Tabata #1: 4 minute plank

  1. Plank knee bend

  2. Circular plank

Tabata #2:

  1. Balanced sit up

  2. 1/4 burpee

Tabata #3:

  1. Fast balance step touch

  2. Band jump jack

Tabata #4:

  1. Band donkey kick

  2. Band burpees

Go get it! I am right here with you!




1. Marieb EN, Hoehn K. Human anatomy & physiology. Pearson education; 2007.

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