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The Lactic Acid Burn - is it Counterproductive? Plus Week of May 23rd

Hey hey! This is the second, out of 3, part of the Lactic Acid blog series.

You can recap on Part 1 right here.

You can find the week's breakdown below :)

High lactate levels increase the acidity of the muscle cells, in addition to other metabolic disruptions. Now, the metabolic pathways that allow for the glucose breakdown in order to create energy, do NOT perform well in the acidic environment.

Here is the deal, one can totally feel like the whole system is counterproductive: a working muscle producing a substance that slows down its ability to continue to perform and work. BUT!

The reality is that what you feel when you feel the burn is an incredible, natural, defense mechanism. It is a process that prevents permanent damage while exerting strenuous work e by slowing down key systems that are actually necessary to maintain muscle contraction.

So, the body slows down, and then! low and behold! oxygen becomes available and lactate reverses back into pyruvate which, then, allows continued aerobic, oxygen, metabolism and energy for the body to recover.

Now! I want to get something clear because there is a common mistake! Lactate, or lactic acid buildup, is NOT responsible for the subsequent muscle soreness we feel days after a strenuous workout. The burn sensation is what gets us to stop overworking the body: it forces a recovery period.

Cool, right????

Ok! to the breakdown:


23 Pilates #135 - Short AB Shred

24 Mindfulness Strength Flow #128

25 Daily #290 - Total Body HIIT

26 Daily #291 - Cardio AMRAP

27 Daily #292 - Upper Body AMRAP

28 Daily #293 - Lower Body AMRAP

29 Mindfulness Strength Flow #129 -Stretch

Let's goooo!



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