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What is Lactate? Plus Week of May 16th FULL Breakdown and

Updated: May 15, 2022

Hi hi!

WOW!!!! The BTC 6.0 is OVER, if you do real time with me. If you are still at it - YOU'VE GOT THIS AND WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU ON THE FLIPSIDE!

Alrighty then, the Challenge inspired me to write out a 3 part explanation of the wonderous lactic acid... I was inspired by the freaking immobilizing pain that the BTC 6.0 brought on... let's be honest. So... this is part 1.


Ok, so when our bodies perform strenuously, our breathing pace increases. This is because the body is working so hard to get oxygen over to the muscles. Here’s the thing, the body prefers to use oxygen for its energy source. BUT, when you’re sprinting, or lifting heavy weights—you require the energy production to be waaaay faster than our bodies can deliver oxygen effectively to the muscles.

So, the contracting, working, muscles do the work to generate energy anaerobically - without the use of oxygen. This energy is generated by a super complex process called glycolysis and the source of it is glucose.

So the glucose gets totally broken down into pyruvate.

Let me back track for a second, back to the aerobic process of generating energy. When the body has the use of oxygen, pyruvate is led into an aerobic path to further break down into more useful energy.

BUT when the oxygen is limited by the strenuous work, the body goes into the conversion process to turn pyruvate into lactate, which allows for the continuation of the glucose breakdown—which is basically the energy production. The working muscle cells can keep pushing hard thanks to this type of anaerobic energy. Now, we are talking about high rates of energy production: one to three minutes. Because of the speed, lactate can accumulate to super high levels.

Part 2 is coming next week.

Let's get to the Breakdown!!


16 second break day

17 Pilates #133 - Priendly

18 Mindfulness Strength Flow #126 - Stretch

19 Daily #288 - Gentle Cardio HIIT

20 Daily #289 - Gentle Total Body HIIT (bands)

21 Pilates #134

22 Mindfulness Strength Flow #127

Let's do this :)



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