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The Best Exercise for Your Obliques and the Week of August 9th Breakdown

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Hi hi!! I have always been asked by my clients about why I have them plank so much. I am not going to answer in full today, rather, I am going to discuss only the SIDE PLANK.

So, what are the benefits of a side plank?

1. Well the side plank gets three muscle groups at once. There are major key players in the stabilization field: your shoulders, hips, and lateral core. They all have to be fired up and work together to keep you stable.

2. Side planks work to strengthen muscles that directly protect your spine: it specifically fires up the deep spinal stabilizer: quadratus lumborum. And you want it strong!

3. Strengthens your core without needlessly putting stress on and into your back. Crunches and sit-ups can apply too much pressure on the lower back and the side plank really doesn’t… with proper form that it.

4. So the side plank is definitely a balancing exercise, because you're pretty much doing all you can to keep from tipping over and so the exercise really works on improving muscle coordination and balance.

5. Planks in general reduce back injury, there are several studies that show this for the exact reason we mentioned before - you’ve got intense Core strength work around the spine MINUS the needless stress and pressure!

I get into form and the function of the obliques in general in the full video - don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel while you are at it ;)

Now... To The Brrrrreakdown!

Print or (do eco-friendly and just) screenshot this:


9 Pilates #80 - Priendly

10 Daily #183 Cardio HIIT

11 Daily #184 Total Body Strength Reps

12 Mindfulness Strength Flow #79

13 Daily #185 Cardio HIIT

14 Pilates #81 - Shred Your Abs

15 Daily #186 Cardio and Core HIIT

The early bird sign up for the Mindfulness Strength Workshop is open after we have the strategy call. The link to book your strategy call with me is here.

Let’s get it!

Love, Di

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