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Mindfulness and the Week of July 26th Breakdown

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Hi beautiful! I am so excited about Bodyholic right now because... well... it almost crashed over the past month and, the amazing thing is, that it's rising and things are turning around as we speak.

So, can I share with you exactly what happened? (WARNING: it gets super personal).

  1. The pressure became very high as I approached a very intense exam period.

  2. Simultaneously, I felt like the next steps in Bodyholic just have to happen now but…

  3. I still have a month ahead of me packed with exams

  4. I got through it while seeing very little of my two year old, of my husband and of my mom while being under so much pressure from my professional work at the university (separate from being in exams for my MPH)

  5. How??? Spurts of mindfulness, meditation and working out.

So that’s the superficial list of what happened as I experienced it but… I didn’t get into the fact that I nearly broke down several times - what does that mean?

There were some profound moments in which I thought I can’t do ALL of the exams, or I can’t grow Bodyholic and, therefore, I’d have to dissolve it all.

It’s been a month and a half of a ride and I am sharing the turnaround as it takes place before my eyes.

Here is the turnaround: I have been doing 6-week Mindfulness Strength Workshops for personal private clients. I don’t advertise this and never thought I would until I was discussing my professional breakdown with a brilliant client of mine who just happened to ask me a question or two regarding what Bodyholic actually is and what the deepest purpose of my service is. The depth of that two-fold question BLEW MY MIND. Bodyholic is my mission, it’s my purpose and service to YOU. However, the $14.99 membership is a part of it and gives you full transparency of my training routine, it’s my promise to you that for the minimal fee, I will upload EVERY workout I do and do it with you! And we’ll have the WhatsApp to support each other and I will do my best to overdeliver every single day for the most symbolic fee possible.

BODYHOLIC is my contract with you: we are accountable to each other to own our health every single day!

The 6-week Mindfulness Strength Workshop is opening up for more than 1 person!

This is very very big. As I’m writing this, I have tears in my eyes just thinking of the support that can occur between a tiny group of people who are entirely invested in doing this together.

Becoming part of the workshop works like this:

You reply to this email, or write me an email and we book a call - so we can discuss if it’s even a good fit into your life right now. If it is then we go for it and start September 12th, 2021. When I say that it is going to be limited, I mean it - a tiny intimate group ❤️

ok… deep breath and… TO THE BREAKDOWN 😍


26 Active Recovery 30 minute (+) walk

27 Mindfulness Strength Flow #76

28 Daily #175 Cardio HIIT

29 Daily #176 Total Body Strength HIIT

30 Daily #177 Cardio HIIT

31 Pilates #78 - Shred Your Abs


1 Daily #178 Total Body Strength HIIT

Some of you know, RESILIENCE is my favorite word.

Let’s get it!

Love, Di

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