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Sweet September

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Ok, so I know you know that I don't mean "sugar" sweet. What I mean is that I love what we have planned for September, it's simply a delightful plan.

We are going to be alternating between Classical Pilates on the mat, Mindfulness Strength Flows and Cardio workouts. This fits perfectly between the BTC 3.0, we just completed, and the BSC 2.0 coming up in October... And all this is happening as we ease back into the school year.

Oh yeah... and speaking of... Congrats on completing BTC 3.0! Really! I think you are amazing!

Moving onward and upward!

First thing's first - coaching and accountability calls. We will be conducting the calls at different times in order to accommodate the different Bodyholic time zones. This means, I will need you to really stay posted with the weekly / daily changes and check in with the Insider every now and again. I highly recommend you join the short accountability calls just to check in - it really helps keep us on track.

The coaching calls that occur once a week are a much bigger deal because we get into deeper issues and detailed technicalities. Dearest Bodyholics, use these resources! You do not have to speak, or use the camera, you can just listen. Also, I suggest asking me to respond to any questions you may have if you cannot make it because you will receive the recording within 24 hours after the call anyway.

Next, here is the schedule:

August 29:

MSF #23

August 30:

The quality of this video is really bad because it's before the website existed and we were only on Zoom but I love this workout and if you have not done it, please do BTC 1 #01.

August 31:

Beginners Pilates Mat Series (not only for beginners at all! the most advanced of you will benefit from this.)

September 1:


Spetember 2:

MSF #24

September 3:

Priendly Pilates


September 4:


September 5:


September 6:


Then from here on, to the end of September we will repeat the following order:

Monday: Classical Pilates

Tuesday: HIIT

Wednesday: MSF

Thursday: Priendly Pilates and HIIT

Friday: AMRAP + EMOM

Sunday: HIIT

I will post a separate blog with the full breakdown for the upcoming week.

Finally, it does look like the Fit Kitchen is going to get pretty serious, as per your request. However, it will have to entail a separate membership because it will have to be much more personalized and I will only feel comfortable with it if I am an involved 'hands on' coach because it is NOT one size fits all.

I ask that you express an interest, or disinterest, so that I can move forward from there - pretty please.

Ok! Happy end of summer! Stay focused on your goals, while enjoying life.

I am entirely here for you.

Love you guys and I love what you are doing!

xoxo, Di

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