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Sustainable and Health plus Prep for the 2023 Build and Strip

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

My loves!

Happy holidays!!!!

As you may already know, sustainable eating is high on my interest list and, in general, it is gaining overall popularity. Rightly so! The concept of sustainable eating is about consuming foods that have a low impact on the environment and general food supply. Now, I have been hearing people discuss the issue of motivating for sustainable eating, that is where this week's podcast episode comes in - I want us to dive deep and understand the benefits of sustainable eating because it is not only environmental - The benefits reach beyond the environment because we have economic, social, and health factors involved in the concept of sustainable eating. It is crucial to note the extra benefits and not solely discuss the environmental factors because the reality is that many people actually do not find that motivating enough to take action, because let’s face it, it is not easy to change the way we eat. I have been researching this topic for a while and on the episode I discuss the specifics of how sustainable eating impacts our health.

Finally! Over the next couple of weeks, I will be prepping for the 2023 Build and Strip Challenge - I will have a special Podcast episode on it, we will be opening a new Fit Kitchen Course as well! All that and more info is en route to you.

I hope you will join my schedule for the prep... scroll for the breakdown!


26 Pilates #177 - Priendly

27 Daily #365 - Balance and Cardio HIIT

28 Mindfulness Strength Flow #173

29 Daily #366 - Shoulder Drills RFT

2 exercises 4 times through:

10 monkeys

10 walk ups on forearms

I did 07:45

30 Daily #367 - Lats and Abs RFT

2 exercises 4 times through:

10 sliders

10 rocking boats


31 Daily #368 - Balance and Cardio HIIT


1 Mindfulness Strength Flow #174 - Stretch

2 Pilates #178

3 Pilates #179 - Priendly

4 Mindfulness Strength Flow #175

5 Daily #369 - Leg Day RFT

6 Daily #370 - Balance and Cardio HIIT

7 Mindfulness Strength Flow #176 - Stretch


Love you guys!

We've so got this!


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