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"Spot Reduction" and the Week of August 2nd Breakdown

Hi guys! So, I want to take a minute and really put a bright spotlight on a topic that repeats itself over and over and over and over again with clients. By now, it is my greatest hope that you know that you, as part of my Bodyholic Tribe, are at the tippity top of my priorities and one of my greatest responsibilities is that you have information that is science based and will benefit you and guide you to make the right decisions regarding your fitness and your health.

The spotlight is on.... drumroll... SPOT REDUCTION - no pun intended ;) I am going to say a couple of words here and then I am going to let you watch the rest of what I have to say in this short video.

We all have our own way to distribute fat in our body - whether we like it or now... some of us will collect fat in our belly and have skinny legs, some in our butt and have a flat tummy... etc... people will often describe the area in the body with more fast as the "trouble area"... I never much connected with that term - it just is the area where your body holds a larger percentage of fat because of your genetic make up - fact. It is not good, nor bad. It just is. To burn fat and reduce body fat percentage - you have to look at a holistic plan of diet and exercise. You can NOT - NOT EVER EVER - reduce fat in a specific spot in your body with an isolating exercise.


I just heard you say "but..." NO BUTS... not ever. What you CAN do is strengthen spots, specific muscles, muscle fibers. What you CAN do is eat and exercise in a thoughtful and balanced fashion in order to maintain and/or reach a healthy weight. I know you've got this, so put this in your toolbox of knowledge and go get your fittest, baddest, healthiest and strongest self.

Now... To The Brrrrreakdown!

Print or (do eco-friendly and just) screenshot this:


2 Mindfulness Strength Flow #77 Stretch

3 Daily #179 Total Body Strength Reps

4 Daily #180 Cardio HIIT

5 Mindfulness Strength Flow #78

6 Daily #181 Cardio HIIT

7 Pilates #79 - Shred Your Abs

8 Daily #182 Total Body Strength Reps

Real quick before you go, the link to book your strategy call with me is here.

Let’s get it!

Lots and lots of love, Di

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