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Your Well-Being is My Personal Priority and the Breakdown for Week of August 23rd

Hi guys! So I am sure that most of you know that I am on a mission. It's pretty obvious once you get to see a post of mine, or talk to me for about 5 minutes. The mission is to promote your health - on a physical and mental level - your overall well-being is my mission. Not a lot of people though know the WHY... So I wanted to take a minute to tell you.

So, it's because of the current problematic state of our physical, emotional, and mental health. Societally, we face a struggle managing and cycling through physical fitness, nutrition, chronic illness and negative body image. Did you know that only 1% of all obese people successfully lose weight and get fit? Even less actually sustain it for a year or more. Are you getting how intense this is?? I am no stranger to Health Science statistics - I am a professional public health promoter and you better believe that I watch, follow, and study those stats, and yet it still amazes me that only 1% of all people who lose weight and get fit stay that way for more than a year. Here’s the rub. So many of the people that are attempting to stay fit don’t stay that way for long. This is extreme and has become a major concern of mine, which is why I dedicate most of my time to make an attempt at changing the stats. If you want to dive deep into this, you can go ahead a pick up a book I wrote that is a very easy here and it just might make a difference! I can only hope :)



23 Pilates #83 - Priendly for Active Recovery

24 Daily #190 - Total Body HIIT

25 Daily #191 - Cardio and Core HIIT

26 Daily #192 - Upper Body Reps

27 Mindfulness Strength Flow #81

28 Pilates #84 - Ab Shred

29 Daily #193 - Lower Body Reps

Before I let you go I have 2 important questions!

  1. would you like Tannia to come back and torture me through Barre?

  2. are you interested in joining the Mindfulness Strength Workshop? if so but you have questions, please reach out. If so and you want to save your spot please do so right here and you will be all set via the early bird registration.

Thank you for being the best community ever, we are super tiny and super strong! I hope we continue to grow and get stronger together!

Let's get this week,


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