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Your Beautiful Body and Week of July 18th Breakdown

Hi Guys!

Before we get to this week's AWESOME breakdown, I want to touch on a subject that is super close to my heart.

I am going to start off with a recap:

According to a clinical psychologist named Elizabeth Halsted there are three components to having a positive body image:

1. Self-Esteem which is all about you truly believing that others appreciate you for who you are and that they actually enjoy spending time with you.

2. Positive Attitude which is about accepting your strengths and your weaknesses and avoiding perfectionism, comparing and being highly critical or judgmental. I am going to pause and make a little note: the more critical and judgmental you are of others the more you are of yourself. I am just putting that out there as an invitation to check in with our thoughts regularly for our very own benefit.

3. Having a positive image according to Elizabeth Halstead is the Emotional Stability in that is having a connection between our thoughts and feelings and the ability to actually share these thoughts and feelings and talk about it so it's like very heightened Mindfulness - an awareness of what's going through our mind and how it's making us feel in the moment.

Today we are going to look at the Emotional Stability component and see a few of the tools that are out there for us to use and increase this component:

Careful of self-talk. Would you talk to your co-worker, or buddy, the way you talk to yourself? Make a point of being as supportive of yourself as you are of your own friends and family: Start be noticing any negative self talk and then begin replace self-doubt and negative self talk with positivity.

Exercise your mind. Yup! Just like your muscles! For growth and development you must be consistent in working on it, push yourself, or you might find that you are not growing as much as you possibly can. Mental strength is built through lots of small wins, and overcoming little (and big) hardships. Get stronger by hitting up a daily task hat requires your mental endurance.

Respond positively. You cannot control everything. I hope you are aware of that...However, you actually are in total control of how you react to every single thing that gets thrown your way. I am not at all making light of what happens to you! I am just inviting you to examine your responses. The responses shape your life and wellbeing.

To the breakdown!!


18 Mindfulness Strength Flow #142 (Upper Focus)

19 Mindfulness Strength Flow #143 (Lower Focus)

20 Pilates #145

21 Daily #319 - Cardio HIIT

22 Daily #320 - Total Body PLUS HIIT

23 Daily #321 - Cardio HIIT

24 Mindfulness Strength Flow #144 - Stretch



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