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Why you should absolutely train legs! AND the Week of November 2nd - Leg Week Breakdown

Hi guys! Happy November. Let us recap, shall we? over the next couple of months, we are going to focus each week on different muscle groups in prepration for the next Bodyholic Transformation Challenge. I take "downtime" very seriously because it's our maintenance as well as our fine tuning. This week is Leg Week - YAAAAAY!!! Why yay? Well, here is a little bit of the big deal...

1. If your goal is to lean out and/or muscle up, training your legs will make sure that you reach these goals - big time. Yep, fat is stored in the butt, thighs and stomach and you probably want to perform a million sit-ups and leg lifts while lying on the side for that, but, since you ARE a Bodyholic, you know that that’s not how it works. If you want to burn off that "specific" fat, then you need to work your body as a whole. Training your huge leg muscles ensure that you will burn more calories during, after, and LONG AFTER (up to 72 hours) your workout. So, not only are you ramping up your metabolism like cra cra but lower body training will raise your growth hormone levels so that you can really gain that muscle and burn that fat - you lean mean burning machine!!!

2. I am 100% positive that some of you lovelies train mostly to look goooood. For that, let's be real - you should be aiming for proportional. Bottom line (pun intended), your legs need to be bigger than your arms. Seriously! Men! (specifically those who skip leg day and just pump that iron for those guns)!!! The stick figure legs with the built upper body - ummmmm.... nope. It's not just about aesthetics though. Check this out - building legs also builds abs and upper body! fact! Deadlifting and squatting engage your core and force full back contraction and arms - especially if you are lifting heavy. This is the case only if you are working with good form, guys, you know this.

Moving on to the breakdown!

November 2: 30 minute speed walk, or run - get some fresh air before it is too cold! Hello, November!

November 3: Daily #75 - Tabata for the Quads

November 4: Daily #76 - Tabata for the Hammies

November 5: Daily #77 - Leg Day

November 6: Pilates #23 - Priendly

November 7: Daily #78 - Leg Day

November 8: Pilates #24 - Classical Sequence Advanced

Thank you so much for doing this with me! You guys are seriously the best!

xo, Di


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