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What's In Store and The Week of September 19th

Hi!! How are you all??

So now that most of you have complete the BTC 7.0, let's talk about where we are headed!

We continue with our regular schedule UNTIL October 31st, then we go into 7 days of Pure Strength Training! We will be working hard and hitting up every muscle in our body!

On November 14th, we begin 7 days of Pure Cardio Training! We are going to sweat it out like never before... I'm sorry... not really.

Ok, now that you have marked that down, let's break this week down:


19 Pilates #157 - Priendly

20 Pilates #158

21 Daily #337 - Cardio and Core HIIT

22 Daily #338 - Total Body PLUS Flow

23 Mindfulness Strength Flow #158

24 Pilates #159

25 Pilates #160 - Priendly

Have fun with this week!




Start thinking about purchasing a kettlebell, ok?

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