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What is Bodyholic and who is the Di behind it? Plus the Breakdown for Week of February 8th

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Hi guys and gals! So, as you know - Bodyholic is a platform that is based on integrity, cutting-edge science, accessibility and constant support.

The integrity aspect means that I have been fighting tooth and nail to avoid any kind of supplemental sponsorship - this is actually where most of the money for online fitness platforms comes from - I am trying to keep Bodyholic supplement free (unless I discover the cleanest and most amazing supplement on earth that will set 10 years younger with no side effects - I will be sure to let you know).

Cutting-edge science means that I spend a chunk of my time researching for the Public Health Dept. at Tel Aviv University regarding what triggers people to make health behavior changes. What is Health Promotion? What is Well-Being? what is Mindfulness? MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and IBSR (Inquiry Based Stress Reduction) effects on our physical health.

Accessibility means I keep pricing low. You might even ask why this is a paid platform to begin with?? I have a very specific answer for that - it works better with money. Yup! Even at such a low price - you are more likely to stick to the plan if you are paying for it. I could have gotten a sponsorship for the sake of making a free-for-all platform - it just does NOT work. However, I certainly do not want money to be what keeps one from getting access to support, quality and information. So the pricing is purely symbolic.

Constant support means that I have made it my mission to be as available as I possibly can be, it means that I have created a WhatsApp group, that I show up on Instagram with info, that I personally check my emails and respond, that there is a community of people what want to help each other.

So.... for Bodyholic to stay alive, and aligned with my mission and deepest values, after this year, I have realized that I absolutely need an investor. For that, I need you to tell her/him that you reap benefits from the platform and the program. This is because over this past year I have made - 0 dollars. In fact, I have many expenses and NO profit. We are still small and I cannot grow the platform by myself and I need YOUR help to pitch it to someone who DOES have the money and believes in the mission.

Would you please write a couple of words explaining why Bodyholic works for you? Together with your picture... or - BETTER YET - a short video with you explaining why Bodyholic works for you?

Ok... That was not easy for me to write... so quickly quickly - let's move on the the breakdown :)

8th - Pilates #42 - Priendly PIIT

9th - Mindfulness Strength Flow #44

10th - Pilates #43 - A Classical Shredder

11th - Daily #121 - Total Body HIIT

12th - Daily #122 - Cardio and Core HIIT

13th - Mindfulness Strength Flow #45

14th - Daily #123 - Upper Body and Abs AMRAP (10 minutes)

You've got this! Together is better ;)

xo, Di

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