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Breakdown for Week of February 1st

Hi everyone! This breakdown comes with SUPER IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS so - please please read!

First the breakdown: (You have probably seen me rock my new favorite leggings! The picture below is the men's version - whaaaaaatttttt??????)

1st - Pilates #40 - Priendly Pilates

2nd - Daily #117 - Total Body AMRAP (10 minutes)

3rd - Mindfulness Strength Flow #43

4th - Daily #118 - Total Body AMRAP (30 minutes)

5th - Pilates #41 - Shredder

6th - Daily #119 - Upper Bod Tabatas

7st - Daily #120 - Leg UP

It is kind of a tough week but it starts gentle... just go with my plan - meaning, don't go nuts the first few days and start combining 4 different workouts a day.

Ok - now for the crucial announcements (read carefully, please):

  1. Tomorrow - February 1st - marks the beginning of a discounted week in the Bodyholic Store and it comes along with new products and designs (finally!!)

  2. Due to our community STILL being small and growing... I have had to up the pricing because I am currently at a significant loss, I don't like beating around the bush, as you very well know. So, cards on the table, for me to keep going with Bodyholic, I have no choice but to change the pricing. HOWEVER!! I am on a mission to keep high quality at a very low price AND!! I am so grateful to you for sticking with the community SO!! the current, active, basic Tribe Memberships will go up on March 1st to $14.99 which continues to give you full access to all things Bodyholic: Tribe coaching calls, the amazing Tribe WhatsApp group and ALL of the workouts on (does not include the special challenges that are NOT on We are so hoping to leave it that, and not charge new members a higher price... so I am patiently waiting to see if I can break even within 6 months of the price change (I am trying to avoid sponsorship - again, cards on the table).

  3. A cherished and loved Bodyholic member has asked me to send her the special link to the 3-month Fit Kitchen program. I was going to WhatsApp her the link and then I decided to share it with everyone as an "end of January deal" - so you can watch the video and learn a bit about what the Fit Kitchen is and if you do decide to sign up today, you get 3 months at a discounted price.

Wow... Ok! I think I am done with the going on and on :)

So, get your mind right for this week...

You've got this!

xo, Di

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