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Week of November 9th - Arm Week Breakdown

Hi guys! Quick recap, k? over the next couple of months, we are going to focus each week on different muscle groups in prepration for the next Bodyholic Transformation Challenge (did someone say 1.1.2021?). As you know, I take "downtime" very seriously because it's our fine tuning period. This week is Arm Week. It's gonna be rough - I am telling you right now! This is because we are going to breakdown these muscles that are most definitely not the biggest and strongest in our body but, we are going to crush it!

First! I just want to remind everyone that November 8th is the beginning of the Bodyholic Sugar-Story Challenge and it will last 14 days and mostly appear on the Instagram story so that I do not have to cap participation. I will talk about the effect of sugar on the brain, I will be avoiding it for the whole 14 days and I will also be consolidating my report and everyone else's report and integrating it into my own personal understanding and education regarding sugar.

And now - the breakdown!

November 9: Daily #79 - Pushup Tabata

November 10: Daily #80 - Burpee Tabata


November 10: Daily #81 - Tabata for Biceps and Triceps

November 11: Daily #82 - Chest and Triceps

November 12: Daily #83 - Back and Biceps

November 13: Pilates #25 - Priendly

November 14: Daily #84 - Shoulders

Thank you so much for doing this with me!

xo, Di


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