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Week of April 17th

Hey hey!!

A couple of announcements: 1. I am about to introduce some amazing equipment for anytime / anywhere workouts. Stay freaking tuned! 2. Check Bodyholic with Di the latest episode dives into the Microbiome and the affect it has on mental health. 3. I asked, you requested and I listened! BOOTY, STRETCH and CARDIO!!!!

Check out the schedule:


17 Mindfulness Strength Flow #178

18 Pilates #187 - Abs Shred

19 Daily #391 - Booty on Fire

20 Daily #392 - Cardio and Core HIIT

21 Mindfulness Strength Flow #179 - Strength and Stretch

22 Daily #393 - Core PLUS HIIT

23 Pilates #188 - Priendly

Let's do this!



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