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Week of November 30th: Cardio and Core

Hey lovelies! Cardio and Core Week is ON!! Some workouts will be longer than others and some will be super short, some will be more core and others will emphasize cardio (I feel like I have been reading Dr. Seuss books wayyyy too often).

Check it out:

November 30 - Daily #92 - Cardio and Core with a BREAK!

December 1 - Daily #93 - Cardio and Core to Make your 6-Pack Pop

December 2 - Daily #94 - Get Your Cardio and Core On with your Band

December 3 - Daily #95 - What's Your Max Cardio? You will need a pen and paper for this!!!!

December 4 - Daily #96 - Cardio and Core to Shred your Abs

December 5 - Pilates #28 - PIIT

December 6 - Daily #97 - Cardiyay

Let's do this... deep breath... go!!



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