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Week of November 23rd: Cardio and Mindfulness Strength Flows

Hi everyone!! So, this week is the last full week of November and before we get back to the plan of what I call the 'highly focused week' cycle, and it is a very special week! We will be alternating between cardio and Mindfulness Strength Flows AAANNND check out Monday's workout!

Here we go:

November 23 - I want you to do a wild card workout!! What does this mean? Go through the Dailies / MSF / Pilates / Challenges and pick a workout that just want to go for and give it your all! Then tell us about it on Instagram ;)

November 24 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #34

November 25 - Daily #89 - Get Your Cardio On - Band

November 26 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #35

November 27 - Daily #90 - Level Up Your Cardio

November 28 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #36

November 29 - Daily #91 - What's Your Max Cardio? You will need a pen and paper for this!!!!




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