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Week of November 1st Breakdown

Hi all! We are starting off this week with a major stretch session that is MUCH needed after the 2 Dailies we had... wowsa!

I also want to remind everyone that today is the last day to join the Mindfulness Strength Workshop for the reduced Early Bird price. It is a 6-week program devoted to Mindfulness and Strength Training and we emphasize the connection between the 2 while working on self compassion, nonjudgement and becoming in tune with our needs, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here is the plan:


1 Mindfulness Strength Flow #91 - Stretch

2 Daily #212 - Cardio - ONE Tabata

3 Daily #213 - Cardio and Core HIIT

4 Daily #214 - Total Body Strength

5 Pilates #98 - Priendly

6 Mindfulness Strength Flow #92

7 Daily #215 - Cardio and Core 15 min


It is going to be FUN!!!!



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