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Week of 12/12/2022

Hi guys! This week's podcast episode gets deeeeeeeep into calories and manipulating the Total Daily Energy Expenditure so that you can gain lean mass / lose fat etc.

I HIGHLY recommend the episode to anyone who wants to further understand the science and practice behind caloric manipulation for athletic performance and building the desired physique.

BTW! Did you see the new Bodyholic Collection??????


The breakdown for this week is about working out no matter what - you will understand it all through the week between emotional ebbs and flows and travel - I will always find a way to keep training.

I will write more next week but you can totally stay updated on the site (as usual if you follow my schedule), on the whatsapp group and on Instagram.



13 Mindfulness Strength Flow #170

14 Pilates #175 - Priendly

15 Mindfulness Strength Flow #171

16 Daily #360 - Leg Day HIIT

17 Daily #361 - Shoulder Drills HIIT

18 Daily #362 - Lats and Abs HIIT



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