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Transformation Challenge 2.0

Hi everyone! I am working hard here to make sure I challenge myself and take my body to the next level starting July 3rd, for 14 days.

Of course, you can do this very challenge next month, next year... or, whenever you want!

However, if you do want to do the 14-Days together with me, I ask that you head on over to the Bodyholic Insider and let us all know what your intention is for the BTC 2.0. I take intentions very seriously and I believe that posting part of it, or, all of it and sharing it with us will help you make every second of the BTC 2.0 count. We can talk this out on the next coffee talk, July 1st.

On that note - if you cannot make it to the coffee talk, please send me ANY questions that you would like me to address before we dive in - THIS COMING FRIDAY.

I am going to send you the breakdown by Wednesday.

I am soooooo excited! The challenge is going to break through plateaus, up your strength, up your endurance and, seriously, it'll be so much fun!!

xoxo, Di

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