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Training for Resilience and the Breakdown for the Week of February 14

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

How is everyone doing?? I want to breakdown the week's training for you but I also want to drive home the notion of - Training for Resilience.

I used to workout for a million reasons, many of which had to do with vanity (like most teenagers and early 20 year-olds). The evolution of my training stems from the changes in the depths of my mindset. This has to do with age factors, motherhood factors... most of all (I think...) Mindfulness factors. I am also all for vanity reasons! But that is for another post ad I emailed you a little bit about it :)

I want and need to train because of the energy it breeds, because of the fact that it pushes off so many diseases, because of the happy happy happy hormones it releases, because of the clarity it creates and, finally, because every - single training session - trains me for life and strengthens my resilience muscle. Every pushup that I do WHILE I think that "there is no way in hell I can do another one" trains my resilience. Wait! Actually! Every pushup I ACTUALLY CANNOT do because I maxed out and then picked myself up to move on to squats and then got back down for another pushup... that trains my resilience!

When I have a crappy workout... and then the next day I move on with my life and workout AGAIN! I train for resilience.

Are you with me? Life is filled with knockouts. The questions is - do you get back up??? Every single little (or big) workout you do trains the resilience muscle.

It is not about "I won't get knocked down" or "I train so I cannot get knocked down". NO! It is about how, and how fast, do you get back up.

This is why RESILIENCE is, by far, my favorite word in the English language.

Ok! So now that we got this out of the way! Happy Valentines day here is a code for the store if you want to get anyone a gift (that totally includes yourself because I have never ever worn anything as comfy as the Bodyholic Flexi): BEMYVALENTINE

ANNND off to the breakdown:


14 Mindfulness Strength Flow #106

15 Daily #251 - Cardio and Core REPS

16 Mindfulness Strength Flow #107

17 Daily #252 - Cardio and Core REPS

18 Pilates #116

19 Daily #253 - Total Body Reps


We may not be in the midst of an official challenge... but I think I made my point - stay focused.

Xoxo, Di

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