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The Week Post BTC 7.0

Hi everyone,

If you have just completed the BTC 7.0 - my gosh!!!!! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

You may have expected us to have a few rest days... not yet. Why?

I know we have worked our bodies in a way that many people would probably think we are extreme. However! In order to recover faster, I have decided to show up for 3 active recovery days and keep you moving so we can loosen everything up faster and more efficiently.

Do not worry though you do have rest days coming up!! I promise.

Here is the breakdown:


12 Mindfulness Strength Flow #155 - Stretch

13 Pilates #155 - Priendly

14 Mindfulness Strength Flow #156 - Strength and Stretch

15 Pilates #156

16 Mindfulness Strength Flow #157

17 Daily #336 - Cardio and Core HIIT




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