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The Week of November 22nd

Hi everyone! I am sending this out as there are 12 hours left before the Jaffa Bootcamp ! If you live near me - you have just a few more hours to sign up... this is 6 weeks of training twice a week! with sports nutrition! live!!

Ok! I have got to get some shut eye before we start so... here is the breakdown for this week:


22 Pilates #101

23 Daily #224 - Upper Body Reps

24 Daily #225 - Lower Body Reps

25 Pilates #102

26 Daily #226 - Cardio HIIT

27 Mindfulness Strength Flow #97

28 Pilates #103

A lot of deep core work this week, aka, a very important week!

Finally - look out for new features coming soon!!!

Love, Di

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