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The Shift Challenge and the Breakdown for the Week of March 28

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Hey hey hey!

I am so so so in the midst of planning for 3 completely different upcoming events:

  1. the April Small Group Bootcamp is starting next week in Jaffa and it will be 4 weeks of VERY gradual training for women only.

  2. the Mindfulness Strength Flow Workshop is also coming up very soon - April 9th. Also in Jaffa - BUT - May will bring a one-time online event. I have sent the Bodyholic code in Whatsapp :)

  3. The 6th Bodyholic Transformation Challenge!!!!!!! I am in the midst of writing out every single rep of every single set of all the 14 days! I am beyond excited. Wow!!!

Being in the midst of prepping for such different events is a challenge because it means that I am bouncing between mindsets. Do you ever deal with that?

My take on it is that it really is challenging but very positive. It keeps me fresh and excited. I do, however, have to take short breaks when I transition from one thing to the other so I can give each item my full attention.

The break can be in the form of breath work / meditation / lunch / walking Clara / grabbing a cup of coffee / watching something short and funny. What do you do if and / or when you shift around?

Here is this coming week's breakdown! We start gentle :)


28 Mindfulness Strength Flow #117

29 Daily #270 - Cardio and Core HIIT

30 Daily #271 - Total Body REPS

31 Pilates #127


1 Daily #272 - Leg Day REPS

2 Daily #273 - Cardio and Core HIIT

3 Daily #274 - Upper Body REPS

See you soon.



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