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The Jaffa Bootcamp and the August 16th Breakdown

Hi everyone!

The early bird registration for two big events are still going on.

1. The Mindfulness Strength workshop is a 6-week intimate program where we practice Mindfulness and we also have Mindfulness tasks for the week ANNND we train our strength of course with a full Mindfulness Strength Flow workout. We start October 10th and you can register here to save your spot.

2. The Jaffa Bootcamp is the other event! If you are my neighbor and live in the Jaffa area - you are more than welcome to join the 6-week event that will be held twice a week and will take place between 08:30-09:30 on Mondays and Thursdays. It starts October 4th!!! To sign up - please reach out to me privately on WhatsApp or Instagram.

Here is my plan for this week - remember to screenshot it if you follow my schedule. If you are just into Pilates - I have a huge surprise for you!!! Ok!! To the Breakdown!


16 Active Recovery day for me this week is a walk on the beach

17 Daily #187 - Upper Body Strength - weights and reps

18 Pilates Barre #1 - with Tannia

19 Daily #188 - Lower Body Strength - weights and reps

20 Mindfulness Strength Flow #80

21 Pilates #82 - Shred Your Abs

22 Daily #189 - Cardio HIIT

Focus through this week - you've got this!



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