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The 14 Day No Sugar Challenge and Breakdown for Week of July 25th

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Hi Hi Hi

The official 14 Day Bodyholic No Sugar Challenge starts Monday!!

This means:

No honey

No maple syrup

No white sugar

No brown sugar

No “added sugar”

No any kind of corn syrup

No cane sugar

No granulated sugar

No molasses

No muscovado

No turbinado

No coconut sugar

No Barley malt

No brown rice syrup

No dates

Yes to fresh fruit and veggies - all kinds.

Get your cabinets ready!!!

Regarding juice - note that I do not really drink juice at all (unless i have a tummy virus - I have a craving for apple juice ONLY - weird! right?) However, for the 14-Days just focus on no "added sugar" with regard to the juice :)

Jordan Galasso, who teaches the Fit Kitchen with me, will be on Instagram story rooting for you and cheering you on together with me! NOTE: THE CHALLENGE WILL BE ACTIVE ON INSTAGRAM STORY!

OK! Here is the breakdown!


25 Mindfulness Strength Flow #145

26 Daily #322 - Cardio RFT

10 CB lunge to side kick r

10 CB lunge to side kick l

1-10 jump over

20 jump lunges

10-1 jump over

x 10

27 Pilates #146

28 Pilates #147 - Priendly

29 Daily #323 - Total Body PLUS Flow

30 Daily #324 - Cardio and Core HIIT

31 Mindfulness Strength Flow #146

Let's soooo do this!!!



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