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Strength Prep! Week of February 22nd Breakdown

Hi guys!! We have an interesting 4 week program ahead of us. 7-Day Strength, 7-Day Cardio, 7-Day Strength, 7-Day Cardio.

So... we will be taking it easy this week!

22nd - Walk/Yoga/Run/Bike (let us know! I still have not decided what I will be doing)

23rd - Mindfulness Strength Flow #47

24th - Pilates #47 - Priendly

25th - Daily #127 - AMRAP (20 minutes)

26th - Daily #128 - Core and Cardio HIIT

27th - Mindfulness Strength Flow #48 - Flexibility Focus

28st - Pilates #48 - Based on the Full Classical Sequence

You've got this!

xo, Di

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