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Self Compassion and Breakdown for August 8th Week

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

What is up??

I want to share a little something I dealt with this week - I got down and hard on myself.

Quietly and harshly in my mind between me and myself - I questioned every decision I was making constantly and critiquing myself while moving through the week.

This does not happen often to me and when it does, I feel very grateful to come away from it with a few lessons for myself. I want to share some of them with you just because it might help to know that a. if you do tend to become highly self critical at times, you are in good company b. maybe some of my personal takeaways an help.

Takeaway 1

Self criticism is actually a very important tool that helps keep one in check. Like guilt. We have a system in our mind that tells us what is right and what is wrong, what is well done and what could have been done differently and, perhaps better. When understanding this - it might help embrace the inner critic rather than react with negativity. Also! The more negatively we react to her (the inner critic), she tends to get harsher. At least, in my experience.

Takeaway 2

I would NEVER in a million years speak to a loved one the way my inner critic was talking to to me. I would ALWAYS approach him / her softly to see what can be done differently and to use the opportunity to communicate effectively.

Takeaway 3

We always have to acknowledge the 5 year old in us - to understand that the only way you can grow and truly flourish is with love and compassion. For you to truly flourish - you cannot constantly beat yourself up over and over again - it is not possible.

Enters: Self Compassion.

I honestly find that when I am way too tough on myself the two-fold self compassion mindset works best. Here is what I mean:

The first is to recognize that you do not deserve to be berated by anyone at all - not even your own mind and recognize that the best possible environment for you to truly flourish and live a full life is a loving and and warm environment. The second part is actually yo take a step back from your inner critic and see her as a 5 year old, pure child, as well. What happens when a 5 year old gets too tired? too hungry? Oh man... Hell breaks loose and the best possible way to manage it is to understand the needs that must be met and to do so with care and compassion. My favorite tool, of course, is Mindfulness.

The next workshop is all about Self Compassion and it will be held in Jaffa, August 20th. You are so invited and I hope I get to see you. Please save your spot here. And now!!!

For the Breakdown!!!!


8 Mindfulness Strength Flow #149


10 Pilates #150 - Priendly

11 Daily #328 - RFT:

10 RDL to knee lift r

10 RDL to knee lift l

10 Band biceps curl to open curl

10 Band shoulder L raises

10 High heeled pulsing squats


12 Daily #329 - Low Impact Cardio and Core HIIT

taken from Day 8 of the BTC 6.0

Equipment: Chair and Mat Optional: weight

50 - 10 x 1-3

  1. Seated leg drop

  2. Lunge and kickover r

  3. Lunge and kickover l

  4. Crossback lunge r

  5. Side chair lunge r

  6. Crossback lunge l

  7. Side chair lunge l

  8. Side to side tap off chair plank

  9. Decline mountain climbers

13 Mindfulness Strength Flow #150

14 Pilates #151

Let's do this! Last week before the 2 week prep for the BTC 7.0!



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