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Public Health and The Week of December 19th

Hi everyone!

I have been working out earrrrrly in the hotel room before discussions that I held in a health conference in Dubai and so I have not been serving you the way I should, the way you expect me to and the way that I love to. I am back and ready! AND! Lucky for us! We have over 700 videos on the Bodyholic site for you to choose from - phew!

It was wonderful to be in the same room with people who care about public health, people from all over the world who care not only about the local public health but about the global public health, it was a conference very close to my heart and life's mission.

Ok! Let's get back to business! This week's schedule is...


19 I am getting myself on track so REST

20 Daily #361 - Shoulder Drills HIIT

21 Daily #362 - Lats and Abs HIIT

22 Mindfulness Strength Flow #172 - Strength and Stretch

23 Daily #363 - Leg Day HIIT

24 Pilates #176 - Priendly

25 Daily #364 - Posture, Balance and Cardio HIIT

Let us do this pleeeeese!!!!

I missed you,


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