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My Feelings for the Hamstring Curl and the Week of March 21st

Hi everyone!! I am so excited for today! Do you know why???


I get to move my body! That amazing structure and form that I live in! Are you feeling me??

Before I tell you the workouts that I have planned for our Bodyholic Week, I want to zoom into one of my personal least-favorite exercises: The Machine Hamstring Curl (dramatic da da daaaa).

I want to emphasize that this is my personal take and there are many athletes that spend a nice portion of their training on this machine.

Here is why I am not in love with it (at all):

1. It is a leg exercise that is performed in an open chain with nothing for the legs to press up against - I don't think this kind of exercise is effective for the legs because we're talking about BIG muscles.

2. Now the thing about the open chain for the hamstring is actually the hip flexors! What happens is you press your thighs into the machine as to get the heels to your butt and instead of doing what you want to do - isolate the hamstring - you are over activating the hip flexors.

3. What happens when you over activate the hip flexors? Your back hurts because the attach at the lumbar spine.

So! I love the slider hamstring curl we do here as well as the hamstring bridges!

OK! Now let's move on to the breakdown!


21 Mindfulness Strength Flow #115

22 Daily #267 - Cardio and Core HIIT

23 Daily #268 - Total Body Plus

24 Pilates #125

25 Daily #269 - Total Body Plus

26 Pilates #126

27 Mindfulness Strength Flow #116 - Stretch

Finally, if you are in Tel Aviv and have not signed up for the Mindfulness Strength Flow Workshop that will take place in Jaffa on April 9th, I hope you join us. It is almost booked though... so if you didn't make it in time - no worries there will be an online workshop in May.

Let's go get it!



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