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Gym Etiquette and Week of October 26th BACK Breakdown

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Hi guys! Over the next couple of months, we are going to focus each week on different muscle groups in prepration for the next Bodyholic Transformation Challenge. I take "downtime" very seriously because it's our maintenance as well as our fine tuning. This week we will be mostly focusing on our back muscles. Those of you who joined me at the beach... are feeling your back muscles already and I am sorry for that (I'm not).

Before we get into the Breakdown, I would very much like to talk about gym etiquette. It might seem weird in these times, when most of the gyms are closed - but I actually think this is the perfect time so that we can pause-think about it-restart.

So, you know that guy who has a towel around his neck but sits his soaking wet butt on the seat of the chest press, finishes his set, gets up and walks away to the next exercise? Oh! or, the girl who is workout out right up against the mirror and pauses for selfies and poses, while you look like a beast, dripping sweat, and just want to check out your form while you're shoulder pressing... but girl is taking over that mirror?? Let's talk about how we can train together and respect each other BEFORE the gyms open up again, ready?

1. "Is it ok?" It is not cool to just walk up to a squat rack and grab a bunch of plates while your fellow-gym member is squatting. It's rude. It's also dangerous. Let the person focus on hir set and stay out of the way. Then - ask it it's ok.

2. Put the weights back where they belong Years ago, I was a new and young trainer and worked at the gym to increase my knowledge and brush up on my training skills. What ended up happening was that rather than spending my days answering questions and training people - I would just clean up after people. If you actually have a doubt, then allow me to put your doubt to rest - NO! the new trainers are not the cleanup crew. Either way, it' so rude to the next person who is looking for those specific weights. Also, I have tripped over equipment, I've seen people trip... Oh!! And to the lovely people who leave the weight on the rack... OMG. Do not get me started... why does the 75 year old lady who wants to use the machine after you have to unload the plates? She actually CANNOT... so now she needs to find someone to help her, and now someone else grabbed the machine. Get it?

3. Careful! Watch out!

So simple, but not obvious to everyone. Look to your right, left, front and back. It is so unpleasant getting wacked in the face by a dumbell when someone is doing a lateral shoulder raise and didn't see you. It's also really unpleasant if you are the smacker...

4. Use your towel for more than your forehead I am definitely a germaphobe and I am aware that I can be extreme. However, the basic and important practice of wiping down equipment is CRUCIAL... of course, now more than ever. Gyms are usually germ-ridden. Rhinovirus, Norovirus, MRSA, fungi - have been found on different pieces of equipment(1-3). Viruses specifically love nonporous surfaces like steel weights. So, please use that towel. Better yet - wipe the equipment down BEFORE and AFTER use.

5. Selfies - can we take them down a notch? Please? I get it! Realy!! You are motivated by it and you are a total fitspo to others. Look, we know you want to take them and you should be able to. Let's just decide that you can selfie up your workout all you want - but do NOT let it bother people who want to stand where you are, or use the mirror for form, or just feel awkward when you do that... can we do it in the locker room maybe? Does that sound fair?

6. Don’t hog I am not going to say anymore than that. Really! Just stop hogging the equipment! Sharing is caring, buddy.

7. Talk it out - anywhere else but the library and gym The gym is a place of peace, mental health and quiet for way more people than you can imagine. I know it is fun to see the gym buddies and even go with your buddies but let's quiet down a bit. Mindfulness of the people around you is crucial in a gym. Wanna know why people wear headphones??? 1. the music makes them feel good 2. they are blocking out the noise... ehem ehem...

Ok... that's all I have for now... I am not going to get into the dresscode now... but, guys and gals... seriously???? There IS one!! Maybe next time... Annnnnd now, my dear Bodyholics, for the Breakdown!

October 26: Pilates #22 - Classical Sequence in FULL

October 27: Daily #71 - 888 Back and Shoulders

October 28: Daily #72 - Tabata for the Back

October 29: Mindfulness Strength Flow #31

October 30: Daily #73 - Chest and Back

October 31: Daily #74 - Cardio Fa Days

November 1: Mindfulness Strength Flow #32

I will see you soon and remember: You can do it - put your back into it!!!

Keep up your awesomeness!!

You've got this, Di


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