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Get Your Partner Moving Too & The Week of April 12th Breakdown

Does the following scene seem familiar to you?

Lying in bed, peacefully, when your alarm blasts and yanks you out of any hope of continuing your peace. It’s 6 a.m. - as you see through the blur of your sleepy eyes, as they beg for just one more minute of rest. Your eyes beg and you can't help but give them what they want - you hit the snooze button. You’d planned to get your morning workout it… but you’re so tired. Does it matter to anyone if I skip?

Then... as you hit the snooze button for the 5th time...

You vow, wholeheartedly, to go tomorrow.

Now imagine the same scenario, but you’ve made a plan to workout with your partner. No turning back now, huh? In fact, you might even realize you’re looking forward to catching up with him / her—and, of course, getting that workout in and start your day.

Bodyholic is that partner - we, as that community, wait for your accountability on the WhatsApp group. I, personally wait for it. I, personally, show up for you every single day! You'd better get that workout in! But, maybe hitting play, with your partner right there with you, or, maybe even taking the workout outside for you guys to do it together will ramp up your game??!! Food for thought! ok?

Let's hit the breakdown...


12 - Pilates #52 - PIIT

13 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #53

14 - Daily #134 - Cardio and Core HIIT

15 - Daily #135 - Total Body HIIT

16 - Pilates #53 - Priendly

17 - Daily #135 - Total Body AMRAP (20 minutes) + weekend finisher

18 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #54

Let's get it! Seriously! let's show up for each other!

xoxo, Di

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