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Fit Kitchen Tip, Coaching Call and Men's Weight-Loss Plan

OK!! I am so excited to see people reaching their goals! It makes my heart sing and dance. It really does!

I want to add a tip that I find might be the most helpful of them all: write down what you will eat the night before so you take out the process of decision-making from the equation of the next day. This is a big one and not to be taken lightly. So... go get that awesome notebook and fun pen and get to it!

Here's the link for the next Fit Kitchen accountability call: October 4th at 11 am EST.

Finally!!! I sat down and got the men's weight-loss plan set up!!! See the attached - I am so excited!

Let's get incredibly fit!!!!! xoxo, Di

Weight Loss Template for Men Ounce Versi
Download • 1.13MB

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