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Ebb and Flow and the Breakdown for the Week of February 28th

Hi Everyone!

Since completing the Build and Strip on a high note... my personal life took a turn to the ebb. Those of you who workout on my schedule are very up to date and you felt it all in the workouts, I am sure.

Koren got COVID, resulting in my daughter being home in isolation. Then she finally got back to daycare, only to find out that very day that I had COVID so she and I went into isolation, together with Koren.

The day things were starting to go back to "normal", Koren's father died very suddenly. The whole family was shocked and devastated. As I write this, the Shiva is still taking place. Shiva is the 7 day mourning period in the Jewish tradition.

Personally, his death marked the loss of a very strong, solid, unwavering, loving presence in my life. It took me most of the week to understand that he is gone. Actually, I'm not sure I fully grasp it just yet.

I am writing all of this, not only to share, but also to bring it home to Bodyholic - I never stopped working out.

Let me take it even further, without the workouts, this entire period would be without any structure whatsoever. The workouts give me a sense of routine when routine becomes a vague concept.

The workouts are also the space where we can release happy hormones, like endorphins, but, more importantly, it's an act of radical love towards one's self.

You are taking the time to take care of yourself! Your mental and physical health. It's like putting on your oxygen mask first so that you can support everyone else.

For all of the reasons above, I am so excited for this week - we are getting back to the kind of work I live for.

Here is the breakdown:

Quick note: you will notice a new title "Total Body Plus" - That means the workout combines cardio, core and strength.


28 Daily #256 - Total Body PLUS HIIT


1 Mindfulness Strength Flow #111

2 Daily #257 - Cardio and Core HIIT

3 Pilates #119

4 Daily #258 - Total Body HIIT

5 Daily #259 - Cardio and Core HIIT

6 Pilates #120 - Priendly

So much love,


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