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COVID Recovery and the Week of February 21st

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Hi! It has been and still is a slow recovery. Yes! I know I am not that slow and I know it can take other people ages to recover from COVID. I am completely and entirely refraining from comparing myself to anyone - I, personally, have a lot of trouble feeling very weak.


This is a fantastic growth opportunity for me. One of the aha! moments. Like the Universe told me to STOP and JUST STOP and SLOW THE F DOWN (F stands for flight, I don't know what other word you had in mind).

For the above reason the breakdown for this week looks the way it does, and also - I am rapidly approaching the big weekend around the corner - where I have decided to host a workshop, live, in a room filled with people who vibe like me and want to go deeper into the Mindfulness Strength Flow.

Here is the breakdown:


21 Pilates #117

22 Mindfulness Strength Flow #108

23 Daily #254 - Cardio and Core REPS

24 Mindfulness Strength Flow #109

25 Pilates #118

26 Mindfulness Strength Flow #110

27 Daily #255 - Total Body REPS

We have so so so got this together!



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