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Change of Plans and Week of November 8th Breakdown

Hi guys! So! CHANGE OF PLANS! After thinking long and hard and getting in deep touch with my values and my gut feelings I have decided to CANCEL the November Mindfulness Strength Workshop. Let me explain and I hope you stay with me until the end.

The workshop has been very meaningful for me and we have 2 more weeks left and, interestingly enough, BECAUSE it has been so meaningful for me - planning it out - devoting my own time to the weekly exercises and taking in the participants experiences - etc... etc... I realized that I actually need time to digest it all and regroup for the next MSW. SOOOOO! I already had registrants!! I mustered the courage and explained the situation and here is what happened:

One person asked for a refund explaining that she would like to wait until I open the next workshop, one person converted the fee into online personal training and the 2 others asked if I would be willing to consider a Mindfulness Strength Flow Workshop. Meaning - focusing on the Mindfulness Strength Flow the way I originally designed it - a long (between an hour and an hour and a half) workout that begins and ends with a very short meditation. In other words, it would be solely a workout and hyper focused on the gradual build of strength endurance training and flexibility. I am so so so excited about it. We open the training December 4th and will meet every Saturday during December! Please shoot me an email or an Instagram DM or a Whatsapp if you have any questions at all!

Phew... ok here is this week's workout plan:

Here is the plan:


8 Daily #216 - Leg Day Reps

9 Daily #217 - Cardio - ONE Tabata

10 Daily #218 - Upper Body Reps

11 Daily #219 - Cardio and Core 20 min AMRAP

12 Pilates #99 - Priendly

13 Mindfulness Strength Flow #93

14 Mindfulness Strength Flow #94 - Stretch

It is going to be FUN!!!!



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