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Breakdowns for the Week of September 14

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

A lot of holidays are coming up, so happy holidays for those of you who are celebrating! This is a beautiful opportunity to face the challenge of the tempting"I won't workout because it's a holiday", or, "I get to overeat because it's a holiday." You've got this though, you've come this far! We are continuing with the cardio-Pilates format for September:

Monday: Classical Pilates

Tuesday: HIIT

Wednesday: MSF

Thursday: Priendly Pilates and HIIT

Friday: AMRAP + EMOM

Sunday: HIIT

This week's breakdown is:

Monday: Classical Pilates zoom into 5 exercises out of the mat sequence - in addition to a run through the intermediate's sequence.

Tuesday: Daily #57 - Inner Thigh and Cardio

HIIT 70-10:

  1. sumo squat

  2. sumo stop sprawl

  3. sumo heel raise

  4. burpees with a rotating squat jump

  5. open close touchdown with a rotating squat jump

  6. roll to stand and burpee m modified burpee only

  7. pistol squat or sl sit and stand r

  8. pistol squat or sl sit and stand l

  9. bicycles to balance


Wednesday: MSF #26

Thursday: Daily #58 - Cardio and Priendly Pilates (advanced people, I recommend you join me for both)

Set your timers on Tabata (8 rounds of 20-10) SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!

Tabata 1:

  1. sprawl squat jump

  2. tuck jump

Tabata 2:

  1. cross 1/4 burpee

  2. elevated 1/4 burpee

Tabata 3:

  1. sl burpee l

  2. sl burpee r

  3. dive bomber

  4. headstand

Tabata 4:

  1. double butt kicks

  2. wall squat

Friday: Daily #59 - Total Body and Cardio


  1. 30 sprawls

  2. 30 situps m air squats

  3. 15 burpees

  4. 15 elevated situps m sit and stand wide


  1. 5 wall walk ups

  2. 40 vertical leaps

  3. 3-2-1 jump lunge

Saturday: R E S T

Sunday: Daily #60 - Cardio and Strength HOLIDAY 10 minute workout

Set your timers for 60-10 once through optional - sliders

  1. pushups

  2. slider 1/4 burpee

  3. high knees

  4. 1/4 burpee slider pushups

  5. side to side pogo

  6. pike sliding pushups

  7. sliding speed mountain climbers

  8. situps

  9. elevated feet situps

  10. donkey kicks

Let's go!! xoxoxo, Di

If you want a pack of the leg bands I love - here it is :)

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