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Breakdown - Week of October 18th

Hi everyone!

So, I am going through another wave of craziness - schedule, changes etc and etc... There are 2 things that keep me sane and I cannot emphasize their role in my life more:

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Working out

They are like oxygen to me as they keep me levelheaded, grounded and aware. If you have not joined the Tribe and started to train regularly, even if it the lightest most gentle workouts we offer, then I hope you reconsider because it's such a powerful form of self love and really taking care of YOU.

The Early Bird registration for the Mindfulness Strength Workshop has reopened and I am so grateful for that and hope you join the November session. We will begin on the 21st and meet for 6 weeks to develop our sense of Mindfulness and self compassion as well as our physical strength.

I just wanted to link this here for you because just yesterday a Tribe member asked me about OBLIQUES so!!! Here is my answer

Here is this week's breakdown!


18 Pilates #93 - Priendly

19 Daily #206 - Lower Body 888

20 Daily #207 - Cardio and Core 10 min AMRAP

21 Mindfulness Strength Flow #88

22 Pilates #94

23 Daily #208 - Cardio and Strength 20 min AMRAP

24 Pilates #95 - Ab Shred

See ya on the flip!

Love you guys,


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