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Black FRIDAY, Breathing and the Week of November 29th

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Hi everyone! I don't know if you remember this, but I had some breathing issues about a year ago - nothing to do with COVID-19. It seems that the issues are back but I am being monitored and watched and there is nothing to do except to wait for my shortness of breath to pass - just like it did last time.

Why am I telling you this??

Because of our cardio days!!!! you are going to have to push A WHOLE LOT harder than me. This issue will certainly not stop me from cardio training but jumping around is actually not so much of an option right now - if it IS an option for you - YOU BETTER BE GOING ALL OUT!

I say that with love ;)

Before we hit the breakdown, we have a BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!! YAAAAAY and that is why this email is going out early baby! Here is your coupon for this insane sale off of the entire store: BBLACKFRIDAY

Let's break it down:

November 29 Daily #227 - Cardio HIIT 30 Daily #228 - Upper Body Reps December 1 Daily #229 - Lower Body Reps 2 Pilates #104 3 Daily #230 - Cardio HIIT 4 Mindfulness Strength Flow #98 5 Pilates #105

Let's do this! Love, Di

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