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Week of November 16th and EXPLAINED

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Hi guys! Recap? over the month and a half, we are going to focus each week on different muscle groups in prepration for the next Bodyholic Transformation Challenge. This is our fine tuning period and this week we focus on our beautiful heart and lungs - yes! it IS CARDIWEEK!!!! I am half excited though because I am still working through an injury but my promise to you, and your promise to me, is that even if I can't push myself like cra-cra, I WILL certainly push YOU - as usual - it is up to you to be pushed.

I am BORED looking at this!! You know we don't roll like this, right??

Also! If you are doing the Bodyholic Sugar-Story Challenge on Instagram with me I so want to know how you are feeling! Keep me posted on the Story!

Finally... before the breakdown... I just want to remind everyone that the WhatsApp group is open and running so that people can give and get support consistently throughout the day and we can reach those goals - like - for real! AND I have created an explanation video for the site, if anyone might be interested in a little bit of direction, and/or redirection.

And now - the breakdown!

November 16: Daily #85 - Get Started Cardio

November 17: Daily #86 - Level-Up Cardio

November 18: Mindfulness Strength Flow #33

November 19: Daily #87 - Max Out Cardio

November 20: Pilates #26 - Priendly

November 21: Daily #88 - Push Your Max Cardio

November 22: Pilates #27

Deep breath! You've got this!!

xo, Di


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