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The Sugar Challenge Starts Whenever! Plus the Breakdown for Week of August 1st

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Hi all!

I want to make sure that you know that the 14 Day No Sugar Challenge is ready for you to hop on board whenever - if you have not started yet - start today! It is ALL recorded onto the Sugar Highlight on Instagram.

I am spending these days answering questions and requests on the Story! So it is definitely valuable hopping on and going about it with us!

Speaking of nutrition! I will be holding 2 Mindful Nutrition talks in the retreat that is coming up September 29! To learn more, please click the link below the video.

Before the breakdown, I want to give you a heads up regarding August!

The first 2 weeks will be the regular routine and the LAST 2 WEEKS OF AUGUST will be devoted to prepping for The Bodyholic Transformation Challenge 7.0!!!!

The 14 days of the BTC 7.0 start September 5!!!!!!

I am totally cool and not excited AT ALLLLLLLLLLL

Here is the breakdown:


1 Daily #325 - Cardio Baseline

10 Jump Lunge

5 Triceps Sumo Stop Burpee

5 Reverse Burpee


Last time I did 3:58... how about you?

Let's aim to lower our time, shall we?

2 Pilates #148 - Priendly

3 Pilates #149

4 Daily #326 - Cardio and Core REPS

5 Mindfulness Strength Flow #147

6 Mindfulness Strength Flow #148 - Strengthen and Stretch

7 Daily #327 - Total Body PLUS AMRAP

20 minute AMRAP

Heel elevated pulsing lunge to balance and switch x 4/4 x10

Doggie leg lifts x3 to leg extension and 1 push up and switch legs x 10

Burpee x 10

Love you guys! Stick with your challenges and go get those goals, baby!



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