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Mindfulness Benefits and the Week of April 11th

Hi everyone! So I am once again wrapped up in an MSF Workshop... and loving every second. I did want to use this momentum to discuss a couple of basic, and amazing, benefits we get from practicing Mindfulness regularly.

It decreases stress and anxiety - even if you just take 10 Mindful breaths, you will see immediate results.1

It decreases depressive symptoms while increasing self-compassion when compared with yoga alone. 2

Beyond the mental health benefits we get from Mindfulness, it can also improve your overall health. It can lower blood pressure, increase cardiovascular health and MORE. 3, 4

How incredible? And all it takes is as little as getting in touch with your breath!

Before we get into the breakdown... I want to give you a heads-up.

This is the last major conditioning week we have before the 2 week prep, where we really begin to taper down. Ok? You've got this!!!

Here is the Breakdown:


11 Daily #278 - Total Body AMRAP

12 Mindfulness Strength Flow #120

13 Daily #279 - Cardio and Core AMRAP

14 Pilates #130 - Priendly

15 Mindfulness Strength Flow #121

16 Daily #280 - Cardio and Core AMRAP

17 Daily #281 - Total Body AMRAP

Listen! You've got this!!!




1 Burton, Burgess, Dean, Koutsopoulou, & Hugh-Jones, 2017

2 Falsafi, 2016

3 Tomfohr, Pung, Mills, & Edwards, 2015

4 Loucks, Britton, Howe, Eaton, & Buka, 2015

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