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Asymmetrical Breakdown for Week of May 10th


The human body, even yours, displays slight-major differences from left to right and from front to back. These small differences are sometimes hard to identify if we aren’t focused on finding them. Often, trainers design workouts entirely based on bilateral moves, i.e exercises that require clients to pull / push with both arms / both legs simultaneously. There is no problem with this approach — in fact, it is tremendously efficient and majorly effective - we use it often here at Bodyholic. However, asymmetrical training is not only a super fun (yes! I just said that) and effective protocol to implement within your global (overall) fitness program because it has benefits that are really unmatchable, such as deep core conditioning and strengthening, focused strength work where it is in fact NEEDED.

So... this week we are all about Symmetrical training.

No... I'm joking.

Let's get down to the asymmetrical plan for this week:


10 - Daily #149 - Asymmetrical Leg Day 888

11 - Daily #150 - Asymmetrical Upper Body 888

12 - Daily #151 - Cardio and Core 20 min (AMRAP)

13 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #57

14 - Daily #152 - Cardio and Core 20 min (AMRAP)

15 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #58

16 - Pilates #60 - Priendly



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