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Week of June 21st and Summer Plans

Hi! For those of you who are doing your own thing, get it! I am proud of you for doing that!

For those of you who are on my personal schedule... here's the plan for this summer:

Every week we will peak in terms of intensity in smack in the middle in terms of: 1. upper body strength 2. cardio 3. lower body strength... are you seeing why the BSC and BCC were our breakthrough into the summer ;) There IS a method to my madness! Really! I promise... Ok... all jokes aside - there is a method and if you are training on my schedule, then just keep to it because it is all thought out.

At the end of every week we taper off and go into the start of the week with active recovery.

Yup... that is what is left of June, July and August in a nutshell.

Now for this week:


21 Mindfulness Strength Flow #68 - Active Recovery priendly stretch

22 Pilates #67 - Priendly

23 Daily #159 - Upper AMRAP (10 min)

24 Daily #160 - HIIT

25 Daily #161 - Lower AMRAP (10 min)

26 Pilates #68 - Shred Your Abs

27 Mindfulness Strength Flow #69

Let's get this summer on! And! Please remember that any question you might have - do not hesitate to WhatsApp the group! If you are not on the group, you are of course welcome to join - it is for all members! If you do not want to - please feel FREE to shoot me an email!

Love you guys, thanks for being my Tribe.

See you in the next workout,


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