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Week of January 18th, 2021

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Hi everyone!! For those of you who completed the BTC 4 - way to go and congrats!

MSF #40 and #41 are up and ready for anyone who has just completed the challenge.

The next workout is going to be January 19th so that everyone catches up - more or less.

Here is the breakdown:

January 19th: Daily #108 - Arm Strength

January 20th: Daily #109 - Leg Strength

January 21st: Daily #110 - Cardio and Core

January 22nd: Pilates #37 - Classical Mat Sequence

January 23rd: Daily #111 - Cardio and Core

January 24th: Daily #112 - Total Body Strength

We are going to keep up the hard work!

Let's go!



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