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Week of December 7th: Core and Cardio

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Hey guys!! How was your weekend? How are you doing? I am dropping a little reminder here that the WhatsApp group is becoming an amazingly supportive and available resource. Definitely worth checking out and you can of course leave whenever you want - it costs nothing and you might gain a whole lot from the experience (in a good way). If you don't feel that you need the extra support, awesome!! You are probably a type-A, unstoppable machine (you might need us to tell you to calm down once in a while and meditate ;) ).

Now, you might feel like we are being repetitive this week because last week was Cardio and Core hahaha... but actually we emphasized the cardio last week and we will still be working hard on our cardio but the emphasis will be on core - we need that super strong core for the Transformation Challenge; however, we need to keep up the cardio training.

Check it:

December 7 - Pilates #29 - PIIT

December 8 - Pilates #30 - PIIT + Pilates #31 - Priendly

December 9 - Daily #98 - Get Your Cardio and Core On with your Band

December 10 - Daily #99 - What's Your Max Cardio? You will need a pen and paper for this!!!! Bonus workout: Abs

December 11 - Pilates #32 - PIIT with Band

December 12 - Daily #100 - Cardiyay Celebration!!! Live on Instagram at 4:00 pm TLVT and 9:00 am EST

December 13 - Pilates #33 - PIIT with Sliders

Let's go!!



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