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Breakdown for Prep Week - May 24th

Hey! How are you? So, next week is the 7-Day BCC 5.0!

New to Bodyholic? BCC stands for the Bodyholic Cardio Challenge!

It is not going to be extremely intense - the idea of the next challenge is to get into cardio mode and get our heart rate up for 7 consecutive days but without too much jumping - I will be giving options for EVERYONE. This is why this week is going to be a lot of strength and core work.


24 - Daily #153 - Lats and Deep Core Reps

25 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #65

26 - Daily #154 - Bands for Legs and Deep Core Reps

27 - Daily #155 - Bands for Arms and Deep Core Reps

28 - Mindfulness Strength Flow #66

29 - Daily #156 - Lats and Deep Core Reps

30 - Pilates #62 - Priendly

Love you guys for doing this with me! You've got this!!!



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